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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"The God of the Gaps," Is That a Real concept?

Frequently people try to explain naturally explainable occurrences with the simple "x was an act of God" when they cannot understand the causes of said occurrence. Indeed, this has become the logical fallacy named "the God of the gaps." This is sloppy reasoning that we should strike from our hearts immediately. If we see an event that is surprising, this is not reason to believe it to be some direct intervention from God. Science is ever expanding in its ability to explain things.

On the other hand, certain events take place where God is a likely candidate for responsibility, and not only that, but the "God of the Gaps" is not worth mentioning. This is the realm of the miraculous. Magical instant cures to deadly incurable diseases, Hosts bleeding, stigmata appearing, these are known events for anybody who takes an interest in Christian religion. Are these also cases of the "God of the Gaps?" Will we someday understand how S. Pio got his miraculous stigmata. It seems rather uncommon for Hindus, Mohammedans, Jews or atheists to receive them. In fact, such an example would be welcome to me. The examples where they exist are for the very pious.

Here is an excellent article dealing with one who has his job investigating miracles:


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